Short descent – 7 km

Canoe initiation on the Ardèche river, for families and beginners

Prices short descent 7 km (4.35 miles)
  Off-season High season
Adult 25 26
Child 7 to 14 years 18 18
Child 7 to 10 years in third seat 13 15

High season : July and August.

These costs include canoe or kayak hire, life jackets meeting the European standards, paddles, waterproof containers, neoprene tracksuits, windcheaters, directions and other information you might need, the trip back with a private bus, a cup of coffee before leaving, and some refreshment upon arrival.

This route is ideal for families and to make your debut. You will have all the time to paddle in all peace, picnic, take a swim, etc. You will need 1 h 30 min for this route, but you will be given all the time you want to make the most of your journey.


The start will be rather calm with a couple of trickles of water.


Approximately half an hour after your start, you will reach the first small rapid, which will be indicated on a picture before you start. After that, you will reach “the branch rapid” as well as “the Charlemagne” rapid, where you will have to slalom between a couple of stones… Your reward will be soon in front of you: the Pont d’Arc! If you want a selfie with the arch, we advise you to stop behind the Pont d’Arc on the right hand side, where you will reach a beach without access to pedestrians.


From that point, only 30 minutes remain before you arrive.

Gradual proceedings of your journey


First meeting place is our Castor Canoë base, where you can leave your vehicle on our parking.


You will be able to leave any moment between 8 AM and 15 PM. First, we will conclude a hire contract while having a cup of coffee. At this moment, our team will provide you with a waterproof container (26 L or 55 L), in which you can store your belongings, picnic, etc.


Small castor extra: you will be given a little container to store your small, fragile, and costly belongings in for your family. This small waterproof container will be stored in the larger container in order to assure double waterproofness. After that, we will give you an explanation about the route with the aid of a map and pictures.


This will be followed by a basic explanation to help you understand the handling of the canoe-kayak and some security guidelines.


At that moment, you will be provided with a buoyancy aid jacket corresponding with your size. Just before getting onto our vehicle that will take you to the starting point around a hundred metres further, we will help you choose at which moment you wish to return: 11 AM – 12 PM – 1 PM – 2 PM – 3 PM – 4 PM – 5 PM – 6 PM – 6.45 PM…

Arrival and return


Arrival is planned at STOP 3 on the left bank, around thirty minutes after you passed under the Pont d’Arc. Our shuttle bus will await you there at the moment you chose beforehand.